Oilfield Chemicals

In partnership with world’s leading manufacturers, we offer products for the entire oilfield sector. We have a wide range of oilfield chemicals for Drilling, Cementing, Stimulation and Oil & Gas production.

Products Offered:

Bentonite Extenders, Dewatering Agents, Fluid Loss Additives, Shale Inhibitors, Thinners, Viscosifiers

Dispersants, Fluid Loss Controls Additives, Gas Blocking Additives, Retarders, Defoamers

Acids, Biocides, Corrosion Inhibitors, Friction Reducer, Gelling Agents, Iron Control Agents, Water Control Polymers

Oil & Gas Production:
Paraffin inhibitors / pour point depressants, Scale inhibitors, Gas hydrate inhibitors, Dispersing agents

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